0800 000 000Here’s a pro tip: If your password is “password,” it’s probably time 宜蘭民宿to change it.SplashData, a company that offers a “complete password management and 買屋security solution,” culled from data stolen and posted online by hackers some of 裝潢the most awesomely bad (and yet commonly used) passwords of all time. And while the 景觀設計research is for 2011, this isn’t the first such list–if you’ve seen one of these 個人信貸before, you’ll probably notice several culprits reappearing from years past.The 25 澎湖民宿most popular passwords in SplashData’s 2011 list:password 123456 12345678 qwerty 帛琉abc123 monkey 1234567 letmein trustno1 dragon baseball 111111 iloveyou master 西裝sunshine ashley bailey passw0rd shadow 123123 654321 superman qazwsx michael 酒店經紀FootballRead more: 好房網http://techland.time.com/2011/11/22/the-25-most-popular-and-worst-passwords-of-2011/#ixzz1eb0WWeLQ
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